Cope With Anxiety by Getting Curious

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Thanks to the pandemic and it remaining an election yr, 2020 has been a rough calendar year for people today with anxiety—whether they had an present prognosis, or are going through that undesired feeling (and its numerous facet effects) for the very first time. A lot of that stems from all the uncertainty we’ve been going through: Not recognizing when existence will go back again to some variation of typical, and what could possibly come about to us among now and then.

When we’re uncertain about the long run and what will come upcoming, it can be quick to consider all the lousy points that could take place. That may well look like a good idea—one that could aid you mentally put together for a little something awful—but it’s not, and can make your panic even worse. 1 substitute to that is approaching the unfamiliar with a feeling of curiosity and ponder alternatively of dread. Here’s how to do that.

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How to use curiosity to cope with nervousness

In its place of jumping to the worst possible situations, medical psychologist Dr. Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco indicates searching at your uncertain foreseeable future with curiosity, instead than a awful final result currently being a foregone summary. Here’s how she describes the concept in Psychology Today:

I never mean to suggest that disaster won’t occur. It has happened, for several of us, quite a few times about given that this virus started. But it is also achievable that what you anxiety most will not take place. Leaving yourself open up to that possibility—however slight—can keep you from sliding down into a pit of dread and despair. And if you are not despairing, you’re significantly a lot more possible to appear up with helpful means for coping with the predicament in question, no matter if it’s devising a timetable for quarantine college days or figuring out how you can properly see faculty good friends outdoors for your kid’s birthday.

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This is going to be specially crucial for the duration of the holiday seasons this 12 months, presented that they’re going to look a little bit different—but that is not automatically a terrible factor.

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