They assure “agility above utility.”

We like e-bikes a large amount. We especially like useful, economical e-bikes exactly where you can have tons of things and go for miles and miles.

And then there is the Gogoro Eeyo. I could go all Eeyore and just whine about it, but it is using a unique strategy. Gogoro founder Horace Luke describes:

E-bikes really don’t all need to be hefty cargo haulers or feel like you are driving a battery, so we designed the Eeyo 1 to be ultralight, fast, responsive, and enjoyment. With its iconic open-frame layout and new strong Eeyo Smartwheel, Eeyo 1 is an adrenaline time machine bringing again the pure pleasure of using we all after experienced.

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TreeHugger admired the Gogoro technique to scooters, with their swappable batteries, which were excellent for folks who are living in apartments and do not have a position to plug in and demand. They by no means brought these to the United states mainly because the market for scooters is tiny. But I would have believed that would have been an intriguing method for e-bikes way too.

Carrying an eeyo up the stairs© Gogoro

Luke and Gogoro have taken a different method entirely they have designed the bike gentle sufficient that you can just toss it around your shoulder and have it up to your apartment. It is all carbon fiber, the seat post is eliminated, and the entire offer is only 26.4 lbs ., insanely light for a full-sizing e-bicycle.

smart stand for eeyo© Gogoro

The motor, battery and sensors are housed in the SmartWheel, and linked to the pedals with a carbon fiber belt. There are no cables to a controller you do that wirelessly to your smartphone which clips on to the handlebars. When you get it household, there is a really intelligent stand that costs the bicycle.

Smartwheel hub and pedals© Gogoro

I do get nervous when all individuals batteries and electronics are packed into a small spinning package deal, matter to all forms of forces that they will not get when they are on the bicycle and not in the hub. I suspect that assistance will be a problem. But there are benefits way too, with all the connections getting limited and sealed up in 1 spot.

the controller is your phone© the controller is your cellphone/ Gogoro

With Intelligent Power Guide, the Eeyo Smartwheel makes use of a state-of-the-artwork torque sensor to detect a rider’s pedal-electrical power and right away provides pedal guide that offers greater manage, ability, and velocity that feels a lot more balanced, and natural. This not only conserves energy and helps prevent the rider from breaking a sweat, but it makes certain there is enough electric power to get you the place you want to go and again with electrical power to spare. 

Gogoro bike shot© Gogoro

Not a ton of electrical power, with a 250 watt motor and not a large amount of selection with a 123 Wh battery, but more than enough to go 19 mph for 40 miles, 55 in eco-manner, and you can go a lot quicker if you pedal hard, the bicycle is undoubtedly mild sufficient to shift a lot quicker than the polices. It can be not inexpensive possibly at $3,899, but it is developed and priced like a athletics car. 1 that you can carry into your condominium. Micah Toll of electrek, who generally seems down his nose at 250 watts, seems to get the stage of this bike:

To be honest, some sacrifices were built. There’s no multi-speed transmission and the battery is somewhat modest. But I believe Gogoro manufactured up for all those two shortcomings properly. Multi-pace transmissions, although good, are not as necessary on e-bikes that can use their further electrical power to triumph over a lack of decreased gears with bigger torque. And the smaller battery is offset by the actuality that this is an extremely-effective, lightweight, pedal-assisted e-bicycle.

group of riders on gogoro bikes© Gogoro

This is the variety of bike that you hold inside, or you would need a lock as major as the bicycle. It can be not for all people, many would favor utility in excess of agility. But I drove a sporting activities vehicle for many years agility is a great deal additional enjoyable than utility. It also might have a great deal of utility if you never have a harmless location to park. It may possibly be ideal if you could take it from household to office. As Horace Luke tells Techcrunch,

At the moment, use of general public transportation is down and people are really cautious about it. This is forcing men and women to come across choice means to get all over,” stated Luke. “A good deal of metropolitan areas are pretty hilly, commutes are extensive and with streets closed, cars and trucks are not as efficient as they used to be. So there is a substantial desire and the e-bike market is blowing up.

Superior timing.

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