How to deal with smells in your bathroom

How to deal with smells in your bathroom

We all know how unpleasant it is when you are experiencing a situation with unpleasant smells Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– in your bathroom or kitchen. It is often because of the drain, as it might have collected a number of products or it is one step away from a clog. The smells can get pretty nasty and they are not easy to go. You might be cleaning the kitchen and bathroom everyday, but still the odors are there.

We have prepared a guide on how to deal with smells in your bathroom and we are glad to share it with you! Follow the steps we will mention below and your bathroom and kitchen will be fresh and clean again! Just remember that if you are experiencing a clog or another important issue with your draining system it would be better if you called a professional Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη drain cleaning crew.

Clean your bathroom in the right way

Are you cleaning your bathroom frequently but it still has a bad smell? Same goes with your kitchen? Then you are probably doing something wrong. Yes, the cleaners that you can find in the market are good and they seem like they are doing a good job but apparently they don’t.

The best way that you can ensure having a squeaky clean bathroom and kitchen, is to use natural ingredients. You might have some of them in your kitchen already (like lemons, baking soda and salt) or you might need to buy some (like borax). The combination of the ingredients that we mentioned in the brackets can do wonders in the effective cleaning of your bathroom.

Baking soda and vinegar can vanish the smells that are coming from your toilet bowl, kitchen drains, even the floor and walls. Mix one part of baking soda with one part of vinegar and scrub your kitchen drain. It will make the odors coming from the pipes disappear once and for all.

Do not use obstructive products

These obstructive that everyone can find in the market today, are the worst thing that you can put in your toilet and drains. Their chemicals are producing fumes that are harmful for your health and after all they are not effective. They work Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς by pushing the objects blocking your pipes even deeper and this is why your bathroom or kitchen smell.

Use a humidifier

The humidity levels are the one that could be responsible for the nasty smells in your bathroom and kitchen. Just think about it, have you ever smelled a room full of humidity and mold? It smells like someone has just put out a cigarette. It is not the worst smell but it is annoying and it is for sure not good for your health.

Invest on a humidifier and you will immediately see a difference in the quality of the air in your house. The newest humidifiers have more functions that can improve the smell of your bathroom and kitchen.

Open your windows daily

Ventilation is key for having a nice smelling room. It might be in the form of a window or a vent.If you have a window keep it open as much as possible and especially after baths. Even if it is small, it will help lower the levels of humidity. Humidity creates mold so this is why your bathroom smells.

You just need to make sure that the vent is working properly and that it is clean. Sometimes, because of the dirty ventilator, your room will still smell bad even though the ventilator is one 24 hours per day. You can easily open the cap, remove it and see what is the situation inside of it.

If the cap is plastic or metal you can give it a rinse with water and vinegar. As far as the filter is concerned, if it is removable you can take it off and wash it too to remove the dust and dirt. If not, try to use a vacuum cleaner to suck as much dust as possible. After they dry assemble it again and the room will be fresh once more!

Install a freshener

Last but not least, you can simply use a freshener. You can find these in many different forms and scents and you can even make one yourself! The fresheners come in gel forms, potpourri, electric with spray options and timers, sticks dipped in essential oils and more. They are an upgrade for your bathroom and they will keep the bad smells away!

Use some cotton balls and your favorite essential oils or perfume and spray the cotton balls. Put them in a little basket and leave them in the room that is smelling bad. Renew them as often as you like.

The freshener is a nice way to fill your room with a scent you love as you can  adjust the smell to be either strong or lighter and more discrete.

Bonus tips

You could also put a pot with plants in the bathroom. Some plants are known to absorb the extra humidity so this way you are going to have both a nice humidity-free bathroom and a nice tropical environment! Another tip is to scrub your bathroom tiles with baking soda and vinegar.

Baking soda and vinegar will break down every inch of dirt and mold, leaving your bathroom fresh and smelling good. You can also apply the same mixture to your kitchen counter top and tiles. You can find more about DIY cleaning methods for your bathroom and kitchen here.

Finally, a cup filled with baking soda is the smartest way to keep odors away from a room. Just fill a cup and leave it on the counter of your kitchen or behind the toilet bowl.

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