How to Get a Cat to Use a Litter Mat

Cats are excellent constantly stepping on their litter is not. If you acquired a litter-trapping mat only to check out your cats leap significantly across it onto the floor you just swept each and every time they exit the litter box, you could possibly marvel why you even bothered. Before you splurge on a robot vacuum, try turning the litter box around so it faces a wall.

From time to time, the most straightforward, swiftest way to get cats to behave is to give them no other option. Which is pretty a lot the approach below. Without all that huge open up room to cavort in, your cats will be forced to walk throughout the mat on their way into and out of the can, every time. It will not get rid of rogue litter particles entirely, but it will give the mat a battling opportunity at catching them ahead of they are launched into the wild. Moreover, it’s a absolutely free alternative to a dilemma that can be annoyingly highly-priced to deal with. There is no need to purchase a newer, greater mat—which you and I equally know your cat will also refuse to touch—or even relocate the litter box. Depart the box where by it is, turn it all around to deal with a wall, and organize the mat to cover as a lot of the flooring concerning them as doable. If you can wedge it into a corner, even much better.

There’s just one flaw to this in any other case excellent strategy: You simply cannot turn an open up litter box to confront a wall. If that is what your cats use, they will regrettably continue on occur and go as they please with no regard for your effectively-laid programs. But if you’re a closed litter box family and your cats definitely refuse to established foot on the mat, this trick will hold tracked litter to a bare minimum.

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