How to Reuse Your Shower Curtain Liner

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Shower curtain liners are 1 of all those factors that may look to be pointless, but actually provide an essential functionality: In this case, it is the interior piece of substance that stays in the tub while you shower and can help protect against water from escaping and turning your toilet into a soggy mess. If your bathroom is not correctly ventilated, there is a likelihood that your shower curtain liner can finally get moldy. In that situation, it’s ideal to get rid of it.

But in cases in which you’ve made a decision to change the shower curtain liner and it is nevertheless somewhat cleanse (or will be when you wash it), there are a lot of ways to reuse it about the house, rather of throwing it out (proper away, at minimum). Evelyn (no very last title supplied) at The Krazy Coupon Girl delivers some ideas for strategies to give your outdated shower curtain a second daily life. Here’s what to know.

Approaches to reuse a shower curtain liner

And now, devoid of further more ado: Selections for reusing a shower curtain liner, courtesy of Evelyn:

  1. Use it as a drop cloth on the driveway or in the garage when generating car or truck repairs.
  2. Put it underneath a child’s higher chair (or any messy eater’s chair, really) to conveniently capture the slipping food.
  3. Give it to your kids to use as a engage in mat (such as allowing them to colour on it).
  4. Place it less than a picnic blanket if the ground is a minimal damp to keep you (and your food items) good and dry.
  5. Convert it into an art smock for people of any age producing art.
  6. Put it beneath your air mattress when tenting to assistance keep it from obtaining soaked.
  7. Use it as a makeshift (indoor) mattress protector.
  8. Produce a substantial tic-tac-toe board for your yard, applying duct tape to build the lines, and frisbees (or one more flat object) in various shades as the markers.

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