Is SKIMS TikTok Viral Long Slip Dress Worth The Hype?

Like a lot of of her colleagues, Hoshikawa was pleasantly amazed to discover that SKIMS held up. “Right off the bat, the fabric felt amazing — I kinda want all of my outfits to be created of this stuff now,” she states. “Not as well restricted, but certainly not sagging in sites I did not want to sag — which is to say, nowhere?” For her, irrespective of its prolonged hem, the fashion is an quick option to her standard WFH uniform, which is composed of tank tops and leggings. “I undoubtedly felt more chic — perhaps a lot more Kim-like? — wafting close to my condominium with it on,” she suggests. All that’s to say, Hoshikawa is by now organizing on bribing her sister, a Parsons style university student, to hem it for her. 

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