“Before anybody jumps to criticize [Nike’s GO FlyEase sneaker] for its ‘laziness,’ instead think about how THIS is what accessibility can glimpse like, and how this could advantage folks with disabilities,” tweeted I am Not Putting on Trousers. Many others joined in underneath her write-up, sharing causes for why they believe that the GO FlyEase sneakers are ingenious, telling firsthand tales about persons who could gain from hands-free sneakers. “I have a relatives member who was in a negative automobile incident,” tweeted Buckaroo Vito. “Their array of movement is so negative their spouse has to tie their sneakers for them. These shoes, if they made a selection of models, would be excellent for them!” Just before extended, the post by I’m Not Putting on Pants experienced about 199,000 likes and much more than 39,000 retweets, most of which mirrored the sentiment. 

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