Samsung 65″ QLED TV, Malouf CBD Pillows, Chefman Air Fryers and Indoor Grills, Scotts Lawn Care Products, and More

Graphic: Gabe Carey

Best Deals of the DaySamsung 65" QLED TV, Malouf CBD Pillows, Chefman Air Fryers and Indoor Grills, Scotts Lawn Care Products, and MoreBest Deals of the DayThe best deals from around the web, updated daily.

A $200 discount on Samsung’s 2020 Q70T 4K smart TV, 50% off Malouf Zoned Dough Pillows at Huckberry, a sale on Chefman air fryers and indoor grills, and a steep markdown on Scotts lawn care products sound off Tuesday’s best deals.

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If you’re looking for some sweet, sweet silence to block out everything right now you should try a pair of JBL Bluetooth headphones. They’re $80, which is 20% off ( with the original list price at $100), and have noise-canceling capability. The headphones also have about 16 hours of listening time, so you can go on and on all-day jamming to your favorite tunes. Grab these before they’re gone!

If you’re trying to perfect a precision OTTD picture or product photo for your business you probably need two things. A great tripod and a wireless shutter. Well, you’re in luck. The Adonit PhotoGrip Qi has these features and more. Right now save $12 off the original price in this Amazon Gold Box deal.

Aside from it being a tripod and you being able to hold it with one hand, you can also charge your phone while it’s docked. This way you can shoot without the worry of draining your battery especially if you’re traveling. With the Bluetooth shutter remote, you can snap pics from ten meters away. The sturdy tripod allows for beautiful photos in both landscape and portrait. This pack also comes with a USB cable, a carrying pouch, and a neck strap.

Free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

I don’t think I have to explain our current global environment for you to understand why “visual protection” is the next big wave. Grab yourself a VAVA 1080p Dash Cam, now down to $108. You can also find a discounted HD body camera fit for law enforcement, complete with GPS and night vision, for $123.

Samsung 65" QLED TV, Malouf CBD Pillows, Chefman Air Fryers and Indoor Grills, Scotts Lawn Care Products, and More

Take over $200 off Samsung’s 65″ 2020 QLED TV at Amazon today-only. Normally $1,300, your total falls to $1,098 after the discount. This 4K TV uses quantum dots to deliver lifelike picture quality in all your content, and it does so on a refreshed smart TV platform with Alexa helping you find content and manage all your smart home things.

NordVPN is one of the most widely-acclaimed VPN services out there and has been downloaded en masse by our readers during past deals. The service lets you connect up to six simultaneous devices and access 5,871 servers worldwide, with no logs kept of your actions.

Right now, the best deal is to spring for three years of service and save 70% off of the regular monthly price. You’ll have to spend $126 to do so, but at least then you won’t have to think about it again until 2023!

Samsung 65" QLED TV, Malouf CBD Pillows, Chefman Air Fryers and Indoor Grills, Scotts Lawn Care Products, and More

This story was originally published by Gabe Carey on 4/17/2020 and updated by Andrew Hayward with new information on 5/7/2020.

If you haven’t already, anyone who has recently taken on running as a hobby will soon realize music is everything, and your headphones are the vessel that brings music to your ears. Designed for sports and exercise including but not limited to running, JBL’s Under Armour headphones and true wireless earbuds are on sale for up to 30% off on Amazon. The two on-ear models come in black/red or just plain black for $160 while the buds are $150.

Samsung 65" QLED TV, Malouf CBD Pillows, Chefman Air Fryers and Indoor Grills, Scotts Lawn Care Products, and More

While I haven’t used the JBL Under Armour Train myself, I have taken the Under Armour FLASH in-ear headphones for a spin. These Bluetooth wireless earbuds leverage UA waterproof technology to keep sweat and rain from getting in the way of your workout. The rubberized flex fit tips, meanwhile, prevent them from falling out of your ears, and the 25-hour battery life (using the aluminum charging case found in the box) is impressive. I only wish the sound quality was any competition for my superior Bose SoundSport Free.

We all poured one out for Boosted when they shut their doors earlier this year, but if you’re still itching to hop on an electric board, you’ve still got some options. Namely, there’s Razor’s RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard. It can run up to 12 mph, and go for a total of 40 minutes on a single charge. If you were reliant on public transit, but want a safer way to navigate the streets in a socially distant way, an electric board can get you around quicker than walking, and add a bit more fun to the journey.

The more time we spend at home, getting work done on our laptops, the more space we’ll take up on our drives. Sure, there’s cloud storage, but it can get costly and you’re handing off all your data to another party. Having everything on a local drive makes sure you keep control over your files, and that they’re within reach whenever you need them. Right now on Amazon, Samsung has a bunch of SSDs on sale for up to $80 off, so if you’re in need of some storage ASAP, or just like to plan ahead, these drives are worth a peek. This 1TB drive, usually $250, is down to $170 right now, and this 500GB drive is down to just $90.

TaoTronics is making it super cheap to get an entry-level pair of ANC headphones. The SoundSurge 60 are just $34 when you clip the coupon at Amazon and use promo code KINJALE6.

These feature dual 40mm drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, improved voice calls with CVC 6.0 microphones, and TaoTronics is advertising 30-hour battery life with quick charging, where just five minutes on the juice gets you a two-hour session.

This article was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 5/9/2020 and updated by Quentyn Kennemer with new information on 5/29/2020.

If you’re able to get past its shortcomings, Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is a sleek, lightweight 2-in-1 that you can easily toss in a bag or carry around the house to get work done. Unfortunately, buying it won’t get you the Surface Pro X Keyboard or Slim Pen, and they’re not exactly cheap. Typically, a bundle of the two costs $270, but today you can get it for $210. So, if you’re looking to alternate between a trackpad and a stylus, or just want to doodle on your Surface between meetings, this might be the deal you’re looking for.

Losing your things frequently? With a Tile Pro, down to $40 at Amazon, you’ll have a layer of protection and reprieve that’ll save you some panic. Just press the button twice to find your phone, or use the phone to find whatever the Tile is attached to, like your keys, your wallet, or maybe even that leftover lasagna that keeps disappearing from your fridge (but we can’t guarantee your perp won’t be smart enough to take it off before they stuff their face).

Compared to the original, the Tile Pro has better battery life (with user-removable cells) and increased Bluetooth range of 300 feet.

Need to replenish the raining day activity sets after quarantine? Tired of using the same games and puzzles over and over? Well for just $15 you can turn your home into a science lab. WILD! Science’s set has twenty components to teach everyone in your house about Nanoscience and STEM.

It’s never too early starting teaching the youths about science but this set does recommend they be over eight years old. The whole family can’t join in on building a DNA model, experimenting with liquid crystal, conducting a UV test, and solving a mini oil spill. And if you love this set WILD! has a ton more all with a STEM spin. This is an excellent way to get your kids excited about science and show them learning can be fun.

Free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

8bitdo’s Bluetooth controllers for the Nintendo Switch might still be my favorite ongoing series. They’re stylized to look like classic NES and SNES controllers, but with today’s technology like wireless, rumble, motion controls, and analog sticks. The controllers are $10 off at Amazon today—the SN30 Pro is $35 post-discount, while the NES-favoring N30 Pro2 is down to $30.

If you can’t wait to guzzle beer and chuck a mean axe at thine foes, pre-order Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which Amazon is making a bit cheaper to do with a temporary $10 discount on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether standard pre-orders come with the Way of the Berserker mission Ubisoft originally advertised as Amazon no longer highlights that benefit. You do, however, get Amazon’s pre-purchase price guarantee, so if the price drops more between now and release date (it probably won’t), your final total is automatically adjusted.

Samsung 65" QLED TV, Malouf CBD Pillows, Chefman Air Fryers and Indoor Grills, Scotts Lawn Care Products, and More

Don’t forget that Amazon doesn’t charge until it ships, so don’t hesitate to secure your copy!

It is my contention that Funko Pops are tacky. I also have at least three of them displayed in the shelving unit next to my bed. We contain multitudes. Right now you can do the same—at a steep discount in Amazon’s Gold Box sale. Want to show off your love of Star Wars? One 7″ tall Luke Skywalker riding a Taun Taun is marked down 25%. Reveal your T W I S T E D side to friends and family with $9 off the 10″ Joker vinyl. Remember Game of Thrones? Daenerys is $19, a 38% reduction in price.

Peruse the wider catalog of discounted Funko Pops over on the Amazon sale page. Whether you like it or not, I’m certain you’ll find a character that pulls at your heartstrings. How could Baby Yoda not? He’s a freakin’ Muppet Baby. You’ll never unsee this horrific Goose from Captain Marvel replica. For better or for worse, there’s plenty more where those came from.

Wake the fuck up, samurai. Todd McFarlane’s Keanu Reeves (AKA Johnny Silverhhand) figurine is here and it’s already 20% off on Amazon. Pick it up while supplies last, and don’t forget to pre-order Cyberpunk 2077, now discounted to $45 on CDKeys. Revealed at E3 2019, Reeves is making his motion-captured video game debut in the upcoming dystopian sci-fi RPG from The Witcher series developer CD Projekt.

Loosely based on the character of the same name in the tabletop role-playing game Cyberpunk 2020, the Johnny Silverhand character Reeves will be playing belongs to the Rockerboy class, described in the game’s canon as “the street poets, social consciences and rebels of the 2000s.” If this sounds dumb to you, that’s because it is, and you should be excited for that reason. Cyberpunk 2077 will release later this year on September 17.

If you have a hell of a craving for a juicy, grilled burger, but don’t have room for an actual, full-sized grill in your 750sqft apartment, I may have a solution for you. The Hamilton Beach Electric Grill. It’s only $55, and can grill meats, cook bacon, and even make paninis if you so choose. It has a double griddle for breakfast, and has two removable non-stick cooking plates which make for easy AF cleaning. I’m hungry just talking about this. Grab it before it’s gone!

If you’re looking for juuuuust enough smoothie for you and maybe your homegirl, you should check out this Hamilton Beach personal blender. It’s $17, and made to blend your favorite fruits, veggies, and protein powder so you can get to your workout in a timely manner. Even though it’s 14oz, it’s mighty with stainless steel blades to chop up ice and other thick foods. I would grab this bad boy before it’s gone!

If you are someone who entertains a lot especially in the summer and has an outdoor space these are pretty essential. The Magic Mesh door has probably saved many cookouts with everyone going in and out of the house, no more slamming doors and getting locked out. For the next fifteen hours, Morning Save you bringing you two of these for just $22, which is a savings of $18.

Where these really shine is if you have pets, especially if they are needy with wanting to go outside. Once pets get used to running through they can let themselves in and out. I helped my friend install these last summer for his two border collies. They were hesitant at first but once they got the hang of it they were definitely up and running. And it really does seem to keep bugs out if you install them properly. You can even use these on RVs and campers.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

SideDeal has a big box of magnetic balls with your name on it. For a limited time, grab yourself two boxes of Speks magnets for just $29. You’ll get over 1,000 balls in total, yours to shape and snap however your imaginative mind sees fit.

Today-only at Amazon, you can save up to 65% on yard care by Scotts. Some choice offers include various forms of lawn starters, like this bag that can sprout 15,000 square feet worth of grass for $29, plus a seeder to make it all easy for the same cost. You can also find insect and weed killers, snake repellents (useful if Samuel L. Jackson is coming to your July 4th cookout), indoor hanging gardens, and a Blossom smart water sprinkler system for $39.

There’s a lot more to be had at Amazon, but this is a Gold Box, so head on over there and check them out before the day expires.

Today only, Amazon’s Gold Box features 25% off Chefman kitchen appliances, including a 6.5-liter air fryer down to $60 and a 3-in-1 electric grill and skillet down to $25. There’s also a smaller 3.6-qt air fryer for $40 if you aren’t cooking for a village, and a warming tray for the same cost.

As someone who recently upgraded their bed pillows, let me tell you, it’s a gamechanger. While I didn’t splurge on the Malouf Zoned Dough pillows, I’m now wishing I did. That’s because they’re 50% off at Huckberry with the promo code PILLOW50, bringing the cheapest option down to $88—not bad for a head cushion that claims to “regulate humidity, temperature, and odors,” thanks to its bamboo charcoal infusion. What’s more, for an extra $12, you can add CBD to the mix.

Malouf Zoned Dough pillows come in King and Queen sizes, fit for beds of any royal stature. Each pillow is perforated, with larger holes concentrated in the center surrounded by smaller holes to bolster your neck. The cover is machine washable, and CBD options are clary sage-scented, for a relaxing smell to accompany their topical cannabidiol. Now, lie down your weary head and sleep ‘til you can’t no more. You deserve it.

Can you scarf down six 10 oz. cans of Planters honey roasted peanuts? For $21, you can buy the whole pack and prove it. Down $10 from their usual price, these sweet and salty legumes will have you licking the bottom of the can. Be careful not to eat ‘em all in one go, however, because that would mean ingesting 9,600 calories in a sitting. But hey, they’re delicious so legally not even the disgraced Baby Nut can stop you. No matter how much Planters tries to make him a thing.

Amazon has put a few pet-friendly pieces on sale today to make the days a little more fun and comfortable for the fur babies. These Amazon select pet items will change in value as you pick the size you need. Is your pupper a big boy or an itty bitty boy? The sizes run the gamut. Sales run up to 25% off.

There are two different styles of cuddle bolster beds both in different patterns and colors. These are machine washable for easy cleaning and will give either your dog or cat lots of comfort. The faux-Sherpa padded bed is perfect for crates and pens. Speaking of there is also a travel playpen and a tree for your kitty kat.

Free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

If you don’t mind buying refurbished, Amazon is letting go of a two-piece combo featuring a recertified Ring Video Doorbell Pro combined with an equally-used Echo Show 5 for one low $179 price. See who’s knocking in a pinch and interact with your visitors without ever having to approach the door, which is just fantastic in these increasingly anarchistic times.

Are you working on a creative project? Perhaps you need to write something on some poster board that will be big and bold and easy to see? Sharpie’s chisel tip markers are your best bet, as the broad tip makes it much easier to make your words visible without too much effort. Right now, an eight pack of the markers is about half off at Amazon for $7, which is less than a dollar a marker! Use these babies to create signs for your events, or events you may be attending. They’re very versatile.

Don’t forget some poster board, though.

$137 for a three piece tool set? Compared to a lot of other options, these might seem pretty expensive. However, these KNIPEX tools are way more versatile than meets the eye. These babies are adjustable, meaning that just these three wrenches can replace an entire bulky wrench set—perfect for those tired of lugging around a ton of tools. These can also be used as pliers, knocking out a whole other set of things to carry around.

Samsung 65" QLED TV, Malouf CBD Pillows, Chefman Air Fryers and Indoor Grills, Scotts Lawn Care Products, and More

While this set normally goes for $247, this wrench set is over $100 off. Grab a set before the price goes back up!

Free Shipping | Disney | Use Code FREESHIP

Free Shipping | Disney | Use Code FREESHIP
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Today only Disney is giving everyone free shipping on all orders. This is ideal if there is a smaller order you were waiting on purchasing because shipping didn’t justify it.

There are also a few other deals you can take part in. Select beach towels are discounted for $10 along with $20 pool floats. The plushes are marked down too, some are as low as $8. Disney has a sizeable sale section with lots of goodies for summer, your home, and your next trip to the parks.

Free shipping runs until 11:59 pm PT tonight.

UNIQLO is known for some of the best-designed t-shirts from some of the world’s most creative artists. Their collaborations with top brands and personalities make their limited run shirts coveted. You have two more days to jump on their two for one t-shirt deal and most of those collaborations are eligible.

The new Ultraman and Manga collections are included in this sale. Tees for men, women, kids, and babies are also available for this discount. The shirts that are apart of the deal are clearly marked on the site too to make it a little easier when you’re making your selection.

Free shipping on your first order. The deal runs until June 4 and no code is needed. If you download and the app and order through it you will receive an extra $3 off.

Some of you have had some pretty busy and eventful weekends, and some of you just mud-butted your way through countless Minecraft Dungeons sessions. Don’t fret: SideDeal is here to save you with a 10-pack of Axe body wash for just $29. Each bottle gives you 8.45 ounces of lathered heaven.

This variety pack can include the following scents:

  • Peace
  • Apollo
  • Dark Temptation
  • Black
  • Reload
  • Kilo
  • Deep Space
  • Sport Blast
  • Phoenix
  • Night
  • Excite
  • Harmony

Each box will include no more than two of the same scents, so grab some and see if you can’t find yourself a new aphrodisiac.

It’s time to give you denim collection a refresh. For the next two days, Nordstrom Rack is giving you up to 70% off the Hudson Jeans collection. In both the men’s and women’s sections there’s a variety of items deeply discounted and a handful of them are beyond 70% off their original price.

Shorts, skirts, jackets, and tees. There’s an array of colors and patterns too. It’s not all dark or light wash. This cute black and white leopard print skirt is marked down to $53. Grey jeans are just as classic as blue and there’s a great pair 59% off in the men’s section with all sizes still available. Don’t worry ladies, shorts at all length are in here to meet your summer needs from shortie to capri.

Free shipping on orders over $100 and the sale ends June 3.

If you’ve had enough of scrolling through Netflix’s seemingly infinite library of stuff you don’t wanna watch right now, it might be time to grab a couple Blu-ray’s for your next binge session. For anime aficionados, there’s lots to grab on sale at Amazon right now. Dragon Ball fans can pick up Dragon Ball Super: Brolyfor 52% off, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods for 54% off, as well as a couple seasons of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai for about 15% off each.




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LOOK AT THIS. THIS IS SO CUTE. IT’S A PINK GAME BOY COLOR LUNCH BOX. And with code E75HZ37W, you can get this SUPER ADORABLE LUNCH BOX for just $8! It’s a bit more than just a cute novelty too, as reviews suggest that it’s actually a good lunch box for keeping your food cool. AND IT’S JUST SO CUTE.

There are a couple caveats, though. First, the code only works for the pink lunchbox. I’m a bit sad I can’t get the iconic purple color lunchbox for $8, but the pink one is plenty cute. Also, these lunch boxes are made with leather, so those that live the complete vegetarian or vegan lifestyle will not be able to grab one.

But if those don’t bother you, you have until June 7th (or until it sells out) to grab one!

Looking for faster, more reliable portable storage? ADATA has something you’ll like. For $100, you’re getting 1TB of flash-based storage that transfers over any USB connection up to USB 3.1. ADATA’s name doesn’t carry the same weight as someone like Western Digital or Samsung, but it’s no noob to the storage wars, and it’s pretty hard to mess up SSD tech. You can buy one at Amazon right here.

Take it from someone who loses his buds on a daily basis: Don’t jump into the true wireless game until you know what kind of beast it is. These Acellories earbuds are perfect, as they only cost $20 at MorningSave and could be mistaken for AirPods to the untrained eye. You can grab one in White, Mint, Black, Blue, Rose Gold, or Red with a matching charging case.


Believe it or not, lately I’ve been having trouble focusing at work, in part due to the excessive cat hair pervading my apartment. It’s why I asked our readers last week for your input on the best pet hair removers, and it’s also why I spend much of my time vacuuming obsessively. But without the right vacuum for the job, clunks of hair can get lodged in the brushes.

Samsung 65" QLED TV, Malouf CBD Pillows, Chefman Air Fryers and Indoor Grills, Scotts Lawn Care Products, and More

The Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum, now discounted $60 on Amazon, pumps up the volume (brush bar power) 150% over the Dyson V6, making it the perfect match for pet lovers and messy roommates alike. It’s cord-free, so while you do have to charge it, anything beats plugging and unplugging it as you vacuum throughout the house. However, bear in mind that because this is a renewed, or refurbished by Amazon, product it is subject to minimal wear and tear—including a reduced battery capacity as low as 80%.

Back in March, I asked our readers at The Inventory for your picks of the best juicers to kick my unhealthy ass into shape. Two months later, I need it now more than ever, and if you feel the same, the Omega CNC80S compact juicer is on sale, from one of your favorite brands, over on Amazon right now, down 12% from sticker price. That may not sound like a lot, but think about it this way: You’re saving $28 on a highly coveted juicer from a reader-trusted brand.

Samsung 65" QLED TV, Malouf CBD Pillows, Chefman Air Fryers and Indoor Grills, Scotts Lawn Care Products, and More

While the TWN30S listed in our Co-op roundup is a twin masticating juicer, it’s also unavailable for purchase as of this writing. The CNC80S, on the other hand, boasts the same 15-year warranty and voltage, albeit with a much slower motor. Whereas the TWN30S spins at 160 revolutions per minute (RPM), the CNC80S demolishes fruits and veggies at 80 RPM which, according to Omega, “results in minimal heat buildup and oxidation promoting healthy enzymes.” In reference to the comparable Omega TWN30S, Kinja commenter PhilipLegend said:

OK I am gonna assume you are asking here cause you want the real shit. This will get you started. Don’t even mess with that cheaper shit, you will waste more on low yield foamy nasty juice than you’ll save.

This is how you juice.

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