Save Your Sawdust for These Household Hacks

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Do it yourself tasks involving woodworking can be demanding (dependent on your ability level), but also pretty rewarding—resulting in an actual physical point you built by yourself. But all that cutting, screwing, sawing, sanding and drilling can also make something else: a giant mess.

As thoroughly as you sweep, it seems like there is normally some sawdust left. But as an alternative of dumping it, you could possibly want to conserve your sawdust and use it for some of these residence hacks, coming to us courtesy of Donna Boyle Schwartz of

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Make your personal trail

Turn your garden into a mini-park, comprehensive with your have trails—all thanks to sawdust. “When scattered strategically in your garden or wooded good deal, sawdust can develop a purely natural pathway when also cutting down soil erosion and blocking weeds,” Schwartz writes. Bonus: scatter some sawdust on slippery sidewalks during the wintertime to get some tractions.

Safely and securely toss away paint

It’s not effortless to get rid of paint. You should hardly ever pour it down the drain, Swartz says, and most town and local governments do not allow inhabitants to dispose of paint in the rubbish. That is, except, you fill the rest of the paint can with sawdust and permit it sit right until it hardens. Then, it’s doable to throw the whole can in the garbage with no contaminating almost everything.

Fill in cracks and gaps in wood

If you have holes, cracks or gouges in anything designed of wooden, steal this trick from floor refinishing pros and fill them in working with sawdust. Here’s what to do, per Schwartz:

Produce some sawdust from the wooden you’d like to patch, then grind it into a wonderful, flour-like consistency. Mix the sawdust powder with wood glue to develop a putty, and use it to fill in the damaged places. The color of the Do it yourself filler will be an precise match for the wood.

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Plant some mushrooms

If you’ve gotten into gardening and developing your have fruits and vegetables, you may possibly have thought of adding mushrooms to your listing of crops. In accordance to Schwartz, mushrooms adore wood—which is why you see them increasing on downed logs and fallen tress out in the wild. Provide the wood to them in your back garden, making a mushroom mattress making use of a combination of sawdust and organic and natural compost, and maintaining it moist.

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