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6 steps how to choose the right bag

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

6 steps how to choose the right bag

What bag – gynaikeies tsantes – to keep, day and night for harmonious looks. One of the messages you send us quite often is the dilemma of what bag to keep in your every look. Today we answer all your questions with detailed stylistic tips and golden rules that you should never violate.

To choose the right bag, you should always consider at least four factors. Your outfit, your body type, your occasion and your style in general.

1. Choose the right size

First of all, you should exclude bags that are disproportionate to your body type, following three basic rules:

Looking at yourself from the side in a mirror, the size of the bag should not exceed the size of your side circumference, because otherwise it will add points to the specific point. Especially in pear silhouettes, it is the most prohibitive.

The straps of the bag – τσάντες ώμου – should be as far away from the hips as possible so that they do not look disproportionate to your feet. This way, they will not deduct points from your height, nor will they add points to the periphery.

  • If you have a tall and athletic body type without curves, you can adjust it to the height of your buttocks, so that you can add visually.
  • If you are not sure, the unmistakable length to balance your height with the length of the bag, is the bag to end in half the height, from your shoulder to the floor.
  • If you are petite or have fairly short legs, the bag should end where your buttocks start.

Large prints and patterns make the bag look bigger, so they make you look smaller in size.

In general, keep in mind that a very small bag can make you look taller than you are, while a very large bag can shrink you.

2. Bags for every occasion

The next step is to exclude bags that do not fit the occasion. So you should follow the following rules:

Official events (sacred mysteries, official events): tote bags, backpacks, large bags, postage bags and evening envelopes, clutches, miniature bags are prohibited.

What bag to carry

Travel: a clutch will definitely not suit you, so limit yourself to a bag that fits a lot like a backpack or a spacious messenger bag that will loosen your hands.

Office: a structured leather handbag in geometric shapes, gives the necessary prestige you need in an important job. It’s the best thing you can keep in a job interview as it will make you look more professional, while shapeless (hobo, soft pouches) bags are forbidden.

Everyday life: Messenger bags, totes, cross body, pouch bags, all can be worn regardless of look.

3. Choose the right design

Some tips you can still follow, without being necessary:

If your silhouette is tall and you lack curves, a rounded bag will add beauty by sweetening your shape.
A structured corner bag (such as a clutch or a trapeze tote bag) looks best on a curved silhouette.

In addition, if you have a fairly large bust, a cross body – τσάντες χιαστή – or messenger bag can make you feel uncomfortable, as it will draw even more attention to that particular spot.

4. Love your style

If you have an intense daily routine that doesn’t fit a lot of social events and night outs, limit your shopping options to what takes more time in your life. For the rest of the occasion, choose 1-2 neutral designs that will match most of your clothes.

If, for example, most of the clothes in your wardrobe are casual, it is better to have more options for your daily life, than for occasions that you rarely attend.

What bag to carry?

For the official events, we would suggest you to have in your possession, a black neutral envelope that will go with all your bright sets and a decorated cigar box (minaudière) to add sparkle to monochrome sets.

5. Try it

The handbag – τσάντα χειρός – must be displayed exactly like an outfit. In the mirror. See yourself from the side, to understand if each bag flatters you.

6. Combine it right

A bag with silver metal details (in zippers, closures, etc.) can look completely wrong if you wear gold jewellery. Conversely, a bag with gold details is not set with silver jewellery.

Consider the tones of most of your jewellery before you buy a new bag. Something that does not apply, ONLY if in your looks you mix gold with silver jewellery.

Mixing different textures

Mixing different textures always makes a look enough the most impressive. For example, an impressive velvet dress stands out more, keeping a discreet bag in a different texture, such as satin.

On evening occasions, it combined luxurious textures, while in your everyday life you should prefer more casual ones such as leather and suede bags. Keep in mind that patent leather often looks quite cheap.

  • A statement bag stands out more in a monochrome set.
  • A bag with glitter or sequins should not be worn with sequins. If of course, you want to let the main part of your look stand out.

Now that you’ve learned how to choose the right bag, check out some of the most impressive bags of the season.

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