Turn a Bag of Smartfood Popcorn Into a Bowl of Grits

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Mere times soon after maligning potato chip mashed potatoes, I’ve logged my delighted ass back on to extol the virtues of Smartfood popcorn grits. This may well seem to be hypocritical, but there’s a single vital difference in between the two: the grits are good, though the mashed potatoes are terrible.

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I did not invent popcorn grits. Anson Mills has a recipe, PBS has a recipe, The Takeout has a recipe, David Chang has a recipe, and—as the Anson Mills site reminds us—“the initially Indigenous American edition of this dish happened countless numbers of many years ago when native people sand-popped maize and then mashed it into scorching drinking water in a hollowed-out stone.” So I am considerably from the 1st human being to make popcorn grits, but I do believe I’m the first particular person to make it with Smartfood model White Cheddar popcorn, and I do think I’m wise.

Like most of my fantastic strategies, Smartfood grits ended up born out of laziness. I was initially setting up to write about popcorn grits as a way to use up leftover popcorn, but popcorn is mostly air, and it takes an whole mixing bowl really worth of popped corn to make just one bowl of grits, so it was not a very good suit for a handful of handfuls of film-night leftovers.

As a substitute of make a fresh batch of popcorn, I determined to outsource the labor and get a bag of Smartfood, which arrives not only pre-popped, but dusted with an intoxicating, tangy cheese powder. The moment the bag was obtained, all I had to do was boil the kernels, mash them as a result of a sieve, then warmth and whisk them with a little bit of their cooking water until eventually they seemed like “normal” grits. I did not incorporate butter. I did not insert milk (I under no circumstances increase milk to grits). I did add sizzling sauce.

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I have no regrits. My only criticism is that they absence the toasted, sweet aroma and flavor of corn that has been nixtamalized, but they are nonetheless much better than 80% of the grits I have been served in Portland. They’re smooth, creamy, corny, and a small cheesy, and they consider about 12 minutes to make. If their nixtamal-a lot less mother nature helps make you hesitate to contact them “grits,” that is fine—they’re an outstanding corn-primarily based porridge both way.

How to make Smartfood popcorn grits


  • 1 big (6.75-ounce) bag of Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn
  • 3-4 cups of drinking water


Pour the water in a sauce pan and deliver to a boil. Established a significant high-quality mesh sieve about a mixing bowl. Include a handful of popcorn to the boiling h2o cook dinner right up until smooth (10-15 seconds). Utilizing a spider or slotted spoon, transfer the mushy popcorn to the sieve. Repeat right up until you are out of popcorn. Pressure the cooking drinking water into a individual bowl or substantial measuring cup and set aside.

Using a wood spoon or versatile spatula, mash and stir the popcorn to drive it by means of the sieve, scraping the bottom of the sieve as required to coax the grits into the bowl under. Maintain stirring and smooshing right up until you have a mass of unpopped kernels and pericarp in the sieve. Return the grits—which will appear rather stiff—back to the empty sauce pan and warmth above low to warm. Drizzle some of the cooking water again in when whisking till the grits are very hot, creamy, and sleek. Garnish with sizzling sauce and any Smartfood crumbs you left guiding in the bag.

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