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Not every person is lucky plenty of to live somewhere with a lavatory that has a highly effective exhaust fan—or any exhaust supporter at all. This signifies that finding out of the shower feels like you’re strolling out into a steam room rather of your possess rest room.

But even when the steam dissipates, there is a very good likelihood that the mirror will nonetheless be foggy. And if you’re carrying out anything that requires the mirror—like brushing your tooth, combing your hair, or shaving—you’re faced with obtaining to wipe it down with your hand or a towel (but which is not best both, for the reason that then the mirror is just soaked and streaky).

As it turns out, there is a way to avoid your mirror from fogging up, and it involves a thing that you might now have in your bathroom: Shaving cream. Here’s what to know about the residence hack.

How to use shaving cream to maintain your lavatory mirror fog-free of charge

The procedure is quite simple. Start out by putting a rather compact sum of shaving product on the mirror—the amount of money you’d use of a cleansing products. (You aren’t actually shaving the mirror, so there’s no require for a thick layer.)

Then, basically wipe and buff the mirror until you can see yourself once more. The mirror may well be a little cloudier than common, but it’s both that cloud, or giving the cloud of article-shower steam the likelihood to fog up your mirror.

So why does this get the job done? Shaving product is a surfactant, this means that that assists stop drinking water condensation particles from sticking to the glass of the mirror, according to the Pleasanton Glass Co.

And how long is it efficient? This appears to count on a variety of factors, which include the number of showers getting place in the lavatory, and no matter if you’re doing work with even a weak exhaust lover, as opposed to no admirer at all. But in typical, the anti-fog security can very last wherever from a couple of times to a handful of weeks.

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