Vizio 50-inch 4K Smart TV, Ring Light Webcam, I Dew Care K-Beauty Products, Mophie Power Banks, Flexispot Gaming Desk, and More

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Packs of KN-95 and 3-ply face masks and a Jiga ring light webcam lead Sunday’s best deals.

Promoted Deal: 2-Pack: Juku STEAM Coding Kits | $29 | SideDeal | Promo Code KINJUKU

STEAM is so important for kids to learn and be enthusiastic about, especially girls interested in the science and tech parts. I’ve actually played with this Juku coding kit and can say it’s an excellent tool. Kits like these can run as much as $60, so to snag for this price is a great deal.

Pick any combo or two of the same. Today’s kits are the Light Games Coding Kit, Light Show Coding Kit, Making Music Coding Kit, and Smart Car Bots Kit. If you’re a cool nerdy aunt like me, this is the kind of thing you turn up with when you visit for the weekend. It’s recommended for ten years old and up. But if you have a particularly curious or tech-savvy kid who’s a bit younger, it still might work. It’s hard to beat the price given how kids can get bored with hobbies easily. You could also have a future programmer or web developer on your hands, and it all started here.

If you’ve read a few of our posts on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Meh has a great deal for anyone needing a charge for their phone or other devices on the go. Grab this 4-pack of Mophie Powerstation Minis for only $19 and you can give some out to family and friends— or just hoard all the charges for yourself. You do you, we’re just here to tell you the deals, not how to enjoy them.

You have a bit of choice on the colors, too: These 3000mAh power banks can be bought in all pink, all blue, or two blue/two pink.

Shipping is covered under a monthly membership for $5, or a one-time shipping fee of $8. For $5, you get free shipping on all items for the month at not only Meh, but also SideDeal, MorningSave, Mediocritee, and Casemates.

We’re almost through January, which means the Super Bowl is coming soon— albeit with more restricted attendance due to the ongoing pandemic. Watch the big game and all the games after with this VIZIO 50-inch 4K smart TV for just $290!

This smart TV can access Netflix, Hulu, The Office streaming service (also known as Peacock), and other top apps straight out of the box.

Upgrade your Zoom game with a ring light webcam with today’s deal. The easily adjustable light can help provide a more flattering appearance or just help make sure you’re not cast in shadows on your next call.

You can get this $55 Jiga 1080p webcam for just $30 when you clip the coupon below the price on Amazon, and then add coupon code TQWC2G8A at checkout.

With its 1080p HD resolution, this would also be a great webcam for streaming.

Don’t miss out on this deal! While this price should be good through the end of the month, webcams sometimes go fast with more people working and schooling from home.

MagSafe is one of the clever, yet unseen new enhancements for Apple’s iPhone 12, implementing a magnetic anchor beneath the backing glass that you can snap a wireless charger and other accessories onto. In classic Apple fashion, however, the accessories are pricey: the MagSafe charging pad itself is $39 without the needed power brick, which will run you another $19.

Here’s a more cost-effective MagSafe charger from third-party maker RAVPower, which offers a wide range of great accessories for phones and other devices. This charger magnetically snaps onto the back of any iPhone 12 model and provides the same kind of wireless charging speed, plus you can use it for AirPods Pro and wirelessly-chargeable AirPods cases.

It also comes with the needed 20W USB-C PD power adapter to plug it into the wall, and it’s all yours for $25 right now when you clip the coupon on the page at Amazon. That’s less than half the price of buying Apple’s own components.

Samsung’s smartwatches strike a much different look than the Apple Watch, thanks to a circular design and more traditional watch-inspired allure, but its standard Galaxy Watch models aren’t the most ideal for wearing during workouts. Luckily, that’s where the slimmer and streamlined Galaxy Watch Active comes in, and it’s on sale right now at Amazon.

The first-gen 2019 Galaxy Watch Active is marked down to just $137 in black right now for the lone 40mm size, a savings of 32% off the list price. The green and rose gold versions are a little bit pricier at $150 each, but still deliver solid savings.

If you’re keen on getting the newer Galaxy Watch Active 2 instead, which adds more health sensors and offers an optional LTE edition, you can also save $50 on either the 40mm ($200) or 44mm ($250) GPS edition too. All of these watches work most smoothly with Samsung’s own smartphones, but you can also pair them with other Android phones or even an iPhone.

Now that you’ve stocked up on games from Black Friday sales on Steam, EGS, Origin, Uplay, and the like, you need to start thinking about expanding your storage. And while SSDs aren’t sexy, it is necessary to own one—and one with ample capacity for all your favorites. With some terribly optimized games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War taking up upwards of 100GB on your fastest drive, investing in an SSD with, say, four whole terabytes of space isn’t as bold an ask as it was just a few years ago, nor is it as prohibitively expensive as it once was.

The RGB-ified Spectrix RGB gaming SSD from ADATA gaming brand XPG, for instance, is on sale for just $400 on eBay, down 55% from its $900 list price. Because it’s an M.2 NVMe drive, it can drive “sustained” 3,500/3,000 MBps read/write speeds, according to ADATA, and fits snug in your motherboards M.2 slot, no additional cable management required. By comparison, an older SATA III SSD like the ADATA SU800, which costs half the amount for half the storage, claims read/write speeds of just 560/520MBps. Bang for buck, this price is unbeatable for anyone in the market for storage performance that keeps up with the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

For a short time, you can get your hands on the Garmin Vivosmart 4 Activity and Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor. It’s only $89 on MorningSave, which is 32% off its original list price of $130. You’ll obviously be able to track your steps as well as your heart rate, but this cute watch can also measure blood oxygen levels, which is super important in the age of Covid. If you have specific sleep goals, it can measure REM sleep amounts and general stress throughout the night (and day). The Vivosmart 4 can go swimming with you, too, and can track the number of laps you took in the pool. It’s so well-rounded, y’all. If I didn’t already have a Series 6, I would’ve purchased it already.

It’s a big day today for America. Not only is Hitman 3 out on consoles and PC, but over at the Bezos Barn, a bunch of stuff is 20% off presumably to celebrate that fact. For those who don’t know, Amazon Warehouse is where products go to live when they’re returned to the company’s fulfillment centers for whatever reason. In order to make the cut, they’re subjected to a 20-point inspection before being relisted on the Amazon site with full transparency of their quality, ranging from “Like New/Open Box” to “Acceptable.” You can buy tons of stuff on the Amazon Warehouse site in a variety of categories, hence the excitement whenever a sale like this pops up.

Through January 27, for instance, you can snatch up an Apple Smart Keyboard for either the iPad and iPad Air or the 12.9″ iPad Pro version starting at $73. Need a new gaming headset? The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X is only $15 while the higher-end Razer Kraken Pro is down to $34. Other items include a four-pack of blue-light-blocking glasses, a Garmin Venu GPS smartwatch, and the first three Toy Story movies. Shop the whole sale here, or you can filter your search by department. For starters, check out electronics, video games, and home and kitchen for some of the deepest savings. Keep in mind, however, anything you’re interested in buying will have to be added to your cart first before the 20% discount is applied.

If you’re an iPhone user with some cash to blow, skip the pretenders and even the lesser AirPods to go for something better. The AirPods Pro step the game up with rubber tips, active noise cancellation, better overall audio quality, and a wirelessly-chargeable case as standard.

They’re a bit expensive normally, but right now Staples has ‘em for $40 off the list price. At $209, it’s the best price we’ve seen in a few weeks, although they were lower around the holidays. Still, if you held out and you’ve been hoping for another solid price drop, this is your chance.

If you’ve been itching to bring a very large TV into your home, now’s the time: the Super Bowl is only a couple of weeks away, and the big sales are sure to be kicking in all over the place.

Here’s a prime option that’s available now and in stock: Best Buy is slashing $300 off the price of this massive Hisense 85” 4K LED Smart TV, which packs in 8.3 million pixels for a super-crisp Ultra HD picture and supports both Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 standards. The Android TV-powered set already has all of the major video apps built in, and while there are only a few reviews on the site so far, they’re all pretty glowing given the 4.8-star average.

I’ve tested Mpow products in the past and was always pleasantly surprised at the value to price ratio. They’re quality without breaking the bank. A real holiday treat from the company is their M30 Earbuds. They’re just $20 when you clip the coupon and use the code 4CCMYM3W. This discount will appear once you start the checkout process. This code expires Sunday, and it only works on the pink color.

$20 is a great price for an extra set of earbuds. If you’re running errands or just running and you don’t want to take your most expensive buds on the go, these are for you. Quick to pair and easy to bounce between tunes and calls. The M30’s are noise-canceling, so ideal for travel, and just because they are small and fit snuggly doesn’t mean there’s no power in them. Little buds, big bass. They’re sweat-proof, so sport it up and fear not about ruining them. You’ll get about 5 hours off of one charge but 25 hours with the charging case. The only blip is if you’re an Android user, you have to adjust the volume on your phone to “maximum” first to get the highest volume out of these. Other than that, it’s a solid audio device at a solid price.

Free shipping on this item for Prime members. This deal will expire on January 24.

If you’re looking for a portable projector that packs a punch, the Anker Nebula Mars II Pro might do the trick. This 720p projector provides an image up to 150 inches in size, yet comes in a compact package with a built-in handle. It’s $90 off the list price right now at Amazon, where it has a stellar 4.5-star rating from 775+ customers.

Tercius Bufete reviewed the Anker Nebula Mars II Pro for The Inventory last year and called it “an incredible portable projector hindered by rinky-dink software.” In other words, if you plan to use it (and the software situation hasn’t improved since then), you might want to use a cheap plug-in streaming stick like the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku Express to gain access to a wider array of apps and services.

I can’t think of any computer accessory that’s gotten more of a workout in recent history than the webcam. From Zoom meetings to digital concerts to online comic conventions to just Skyping with your family, the webcam kept us connected in a very disjointed world. A solution is on the pandemic’s horizon, but we are still social distancing and should be now more than ever. If you need to upgrade your system or even finally grab a cam, this is a great deal from a very reliable company. From now until January 24, save 53% on Aukey’s PC-LM1E Webcam; clip the coupon.

This webcam presents everything in high-def for crisp, clear pictures with built-in stereo microphones. The 1080p streaming makes this perfect for YouTube live, or even Twitch feeds. This works well in low light, too, if that your preferred setup. Stereo sound allows everything to be heard fully and clearly. It’s easy to install and clips right onto a flat-screen or laptop. Just plug into your device’s USB port, and you’re good to go. Don’t worry; you’ll get a manual and a warranty if you get stuck or something goes wrong. But given how dependable Aukey products are, we don’t expect the latter.

Free shipping on this order for Prime members.

If you’ve got a multi-monitor setup for your PC (or you’re planning on it) you’re going to need a big enough desk to handle it. That probably is pretty obvious, right? But why not go for a big ass desk that also has some other nifty features?

This FLEXISPOT gaming desk provides not only a bunch of space for your PC setup at 63-inches long, but also includes netting underneath to disguise your cables. It even has a cupholder so you can stay fueled easily through hours-long gaming sessions, as well as a hook to hold your headphones. This desk is 17% off for $190 right now from Newegg. This is a Shell Shocker deal, which means it won’t last past today. Don’t miss out!

If you’re looking to redo your PC gaming set up a bit, Amazon is currently running a sale on Razer accessories. The sale features a range of products from keyboards to mice that’ll spruce up your desk real nice. You can check the full list, but here are a couple selections that caught our eye. First and foremost, this $40 Stormtrooper emblazoned mouse is an obvious stand out with its five programmable buttons and 350-hour battery life. If you like things with a little less flash, this ambidextrous mouse also comes in plain (but not boring) black and white.

Then there’s the $50 Ornata Expert keyboard, which is a hybrid mechanical and rubber dome keyboard that glows Razer green. And for a bit of a fun one, there’s a $16 mousepad that features everyone’s favorite Overwatch healer, Lucio.

That’s just a small sample, so take a look and see if anything piques your interest.

This story was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio on 1/20/21 and was updated by Elizabeth Lanier with new information on 1/23/21.

Baby Yoda Funko Pops were some of the hottest sellers in 2020, leading the wave of highly diverse (and sometimes questionable) The Mandalorian merch. With the second season of The Mandalorian streaming a couple months back, it’s no surprise to see a fresh selection of Pops, including some larger deluxe editions.

Here’s one of ‘em that just released, recreating the scene in which Mando rides a Bantha through the desert with lil’ Grogu tucked into a pouch for the ride. It stands 6” high and is currently 25% off the list price at just under $25 at Amazon. These things never stay in stock for very long, so snag it if you see it still available!

Joe Biden is now the President of the United States and he just passed a law that says “you’re legally not a gamer unless you own a gaming chair.” Damn Joe, that doesn’t really seem like an important thing to pass right now. Because this is now the law of the land, that means that most of you aren’t gamers anymore. If you’re looking to remedy this fast, Staples is selling the Emerge Vortex gaming chair half off. You can become a gamer again for $100 when you buy this. There are a few different color options available, including red and black, the gamer colors. Considering how pricey gaming chairs can be, this is a pretty cheap deal, so check it out if you’ve been in the market for one lately.

We all knew this day was coming. Ever since Cyberpunk 2077 launched just about a month ago, it’s seemed pretty clear that a price drop was imminent. A wave of bad press really hurt the game’s word of mouth, despite the fact that it reportedly sold over 13 million units.

Whether or not this is directly related to all of the fallout, you can now get Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for $35 from Best Buy, and Amazon has also matched the price on PS4 and Xbox One. If you’d rather get a PC copy, Eneba has the game down to $31 when you use the discount code CYBERPUNKPATCH at checkout. You’ll get a key that’s redeemable on GOG.

Be warned that the game has been widely criticized on consoles for poor performance, especially if you have the original base PS4 or Xbox One hardware (instead of the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X).

CD Projekt Red has announced a roadmap of patches and fixes that will roll out in the coming months, and you’ll also get access to the respective next-generation upgrade on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S once that’s released later this year. However, there is no guarantee of eventual performance quality, so jump in at your own risk.

I know that there’s plenty of huge game sales to cover today, but I need to take a quick moment to trigger something deep within your brain. Head back to your childhood for a moment. You’re sitting in the barbershop waiting to get your hair cut. There’s a bin of toys for you to play with while you wait. What’s this? They have VIDEO GAMES? Wow, look at that, you can play a whole X-Men or Transformers game right now! Forget the haircut, this barber shop is an eCafe now! Now, those same Tiger Electronics machines from your past are Amazon’s Deal of the Day. You can grab one for $10, though you can’t really put a price on childhood nostalgia, can you?

We’re in the infancy stage of this brave new world of consoles right now, which means we’ve got a good 8 years of PlayStation 5 ahead of us. The early years are an especially exciting time for a new system as developers go all out, taking advantage of new hardware. With exciting games on the horizon, it’s a good time to pick up a PS Plus subscription so you can play online. For those who know they’ll be playing the system for a while, Eneba currently has a strong deal on the online service.

You can grab 2 full years of PS Plus for $56. To get it, add a 1-year membership to your cart. Then head to checkout, up the quantity to two, and enter the code 56ISLESSTHAN120. It shakes out to just under $30 a year, so this is an excellent bit of saving for anyone with enough foresight to know they’ll still be playing Destiny 2 in 2023.

On the hunt for an awesome new game to play on your Switch? Some of Nintendo’s best first-party games are marked down right now, with gems like Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Mario Maker 2 just $40 each at Amazon.

You can also snag Luigi’s Mansion 3 or The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for $45 each at Amazon, or Paper Mario: The Origami King for $45 at Best Buy. You can’t go wrong with any of these, so if it’s high time to dig into a new game, jump on these bargains!

It has been a long time since the days we could safely have a potluck or other gatherings, but we have a fantastic deal perfect for once those times return. This double-decker Poruary dish carrier can be had for 60% off when you add promo code LU2Y2FQW at checkout and clip the $8 off coupon on the site (it’s just below the price). These holders fit 9″x 13″ sized baking dishes.

That means you can insulate and keep two dishes of food warm for only $11 instead of $30!

Just add promo code LU2Y2FQW and clip the $8 off coupon to bring the price down to $11 for the grey option. Unfortunately, the code won’t work for the black or blue option— but you can grab those for $22 each with the clippable coupon.

Grab this offer while it’s still around! The code is only valid before Jan. 30.

This deal was originally published in 12/24/2020 by Elizabeth Lanier and was updated with new information on 1/24/2021. 

Look, you don’t want people getting your private info. While you could shred or burn documents to protect your identity, another solution is to use one of these handy Guard Your ID stamp rollers. Grab a colorful 4-pack for 28% off, that’s just $24 (or $6 a piece) when you clip the coupon below the price before checking out. This way, you can give one to your mom and dad too. You know how much Boomers love shredding things, right? Just imagine how much fun they’d have rolling out their personal info on all that junk mail.

If you just want one for yourself, you can grab one for the slightly less-nice-price of $9 each when you clip the 10% off coupon.

And in case you’re worried about how long these stamps will last, you can snag refills, too. It’s win-win all around! Clip the coupon to get $1 off.

If you’ve been wanting to finally virtually cook with your grandma in Florida like those commercials we’ve all seen then you’re in luck. Despite Bezos being the richest person on earth probably, he’s apparently graced us plebs with this newest deal.

The Echo Show 5 is 50% off, bringing the price down to a low $45. It has a 5.5″ smart display to show you YouTube videos or to show (haha) all of your family members you are, unfortunately, socially distanced from until further notice. It’s a couple of versions back from the newest Echo Show 8, which is also on sale for $80, which is 38% off from the original list price of $130. Nothing else to say here. Grab it if you’ve got it!

Before the pandemic hit, I was eager to start volunteering at my local urban farm—I had a training session scheduled and everything. Since then, at least in Manhattan, there were strict limitations put in place for anyone hoping to pursue outdoor gardening in the concrete jungle. And I wasn’t willing to go through all the necessary hoops to potentially put myself at risk by going outside and regularly interacting with people just to spend more time outdoors tending to my neighborhood’s public plants. That said, there are options for any aspiring agriculturist looking to get their hands dirty.

While I recently picked up an AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim for my wife over the holidays, the Farm 12 XL is currently on sale at Best Buy for little over $100 more than what I paid for my, much smaller, seed pot kit. With it, all you have to do is supply the device with the including “liquid plant food” every couple of weeks and watch your vegetation grow. You’ll get all the benefits of growing your own greenery at home without the heavy labor investment. A 60-watt LED light takes care of the sunlight aspect, in case you don’t have a yard to properly harvest plants. In the box, you’ll find 12 seed pods to start growing herbs, salad greens, and tomatoes—practically everything you need to make a fresh salad—all at a steep discount for a limited time.

A great resolution is vowing to drink more water. It’s an easy and achievable goal. I can say personally having an adorable tumbler has made my own hydration journey much easier. CamelBak wants to help too. Today Amazon has a few styles of the top water bottle brand up to 35% off.

Water helps with digestion, clears your skin, protects your organs, there’s a whole host of benefits. The daily recommendation is four-to-six cups of H2O, so each of these bottles is a perfect size. Now, these deals are so good because usually only one color is discounted. If you aren’t too picky, you’ll find the right one. And the sizes run from fifty ounces all the way down to twenty ounces. They also come as insulated stainless steel or durable BPA-free plastic. All are easy to clean and will help keep you on track to unlock your aqua achievements.

Each will ship free for Prime members.

For a short time, you can grind your special coffee beans into a brewable blend with a Cuisinart Programmable Coffee Grinder from Morning Save. It’s only $99 and able to hold about half a pound of beans and has 18 grind options from espresso (ultra-fine) to french press (coarse). Winter is here, and it’s full of terrors. Make sure you’re alert with the right amount of caffeine.

Saving food is probably at the top of your list because it helps reduce waste for the environment, and it helps you keep more money in your wallet. Those are two pretty important things if you ask me and achieve those in one item, all the better. Right now, take $10 off the Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine and achieve those aforementioned goals.

Not only will you save money, but you’ll save time in food prep making meals faster and easier. Save the disappointment of freezer-burned food too. All you need to do is plug this in and follow the simple to read LED buttons. It’s simple to pick between the dry option for solid food items or the moist option to keep steamed or simmered meals at peak deliciousness. These vacuum sealers help with preservation and are superior in every way to ziplock bags or Tupperware. This sealer fits up to twelve-inch width bags and rolls. They don’t have to be from Entrige either; other brands will work too. Best part? Once you purchase those bags, they are reusable. Kind to the earth and kind to your wallet.

This item will ship for free for Prime members.

There’s nothing in the rule book that says an adult can’t enjoy the Grogu bath set, except maybe the dimensions of the towel. This is an adorable two-piece set perfect for fans of the green child that stole our hearts. It’s currently 50% off and just as cute as he is. The towel is plush but absorbent and made of cotton terry material. And of course, his sweet face blesses this towel, which measures twenty-five inches by fifty inches. I still say take a chance if you are a petite adult. This set also comes with a Grogu loofah to scrub all the grim of Sorgan and Nevarro off. Relax in a hot bath after traversing the Outer Rim, then get cozy with the number one babe in the galaxy.

Free shipping on orders over $39.

If your furry best friend has lost interest in their current batch of toys or torn what they already have to hell, maybe it’s time to refresh. Today Amazon has four chew toys on sale for up to 33% off. Traditional bone-esque chewies are included as well as treat finders. Some are even flavored. There’s a variety of sizes, so if you have an itty bitty fur baby or a chonky behemoth, there’s a new chewy for them. These rubbery chewers tend to be more durable than cloth toys, so you will definitely get your money’s worth; plus they are much easier to clean if they see some outdoor action.

Free shipping on all these for Prime members.

We all know the coronavirus is still very much a threat. I’ve definitely gotten obnoxious comments trying to argue with me about that on past deals— and I’ll just stop you right now: Please don’t waste your time, because I don’t care enough to even respond. What I do care about? Staying stocked up on face masks in the deadliest part of this awful pandemic.

You can get a 50-pack of brightly-colored 3-ply masks for just $12 over at MorningSave right now. Pick from pink, purple, teal, orange, red, or yellow and mask up in your favorite shade!

If you prefer some KN-95 protection, SideDeal has a 60-pack of individually wrapped 5-layer masks for just $29. The nice thing about these KN-95 masks being wrapped separately is that you can stash some in your glovebox, your bag, drawers, etc. without them getting dirty before use!

Shipping is covered under a SideDeal and MorningSave monthly membership for $5, or a one-time shipping fee of $8. For $5, you get free shipping on all items for the month at not only SideDeal and MorningSave, but also Meh, Mediocritee, and Casemates.

When you’ve had a long week, a little self-care can help you feel good as new. For me, applying a sheet mask is the perfect pick-me-up, but I feel a little guilty spending anything over $3 or $4 on one since they are single-use. Thankfully this I Dew Care sheet mask set offers a great price that you don’t have to feel guilty over, just $23 for 14 masks when you clip the coupon. Plus, I Dew Care products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, coal tar, oxybenzone, triclocarban, retinyl palmitate, hydroquinone, or triclosan, according to the product descriptions.

Probably the best deal from I Dew Care right now is the Bright Side Up Brightening vitamin C serum with niacinamide for 28% off when you clip the coupon— bringing it down to just $18. If vitamin C is not what your skin is craving, there’s also the I Dew Care Juicy Kitten serum full of power greens also for $18 if you clip the coupon. Treat your lips too with the nourishing Plush Party lip balm for just $12 when you clip the coupon that’s available under the price.

Several options for peel-off masks and wash-off masks are also on sale. You can grab the I Dew Care Mini Scoops Wash Off Face Mask Trio for just $15. with the clippable 16% off coupon. The popular Mini Meow Trio of peel-off masks is down to $16. You don’t want to get this stuff in your hair though, so make sure to grab a cute cat ear headband for $7 to keep this stuff on your skin only.

This deal was originally published by Elizabeth Lanier on 10/25/20 and was updated with new information on 1/24/21.

The Controller Gear Store has quite a few of these officially licensed Animal Crossing mini backpacks. However, only this classic teal leaf bag is 40% off. These bags are durable and surprisingly roomy for their size. There’s a slot specifically for your Switch or Switch Lite and plenty of space for extra games, accessories, and turnips. The high-quality polyester is water-resistant, and the straps are easy to adjust for any sized island representative. The zipper firmly closes on the bag as well, so no fear of any bells falling out. The adorable con artist face of Tom Nook is embossed in a faux leather patch at the top of the backpack for extra flare. It might be a reminder to pay your loan off. Either way, this is a beautiful bag that is ready to accompany you on Dodo Airlines adventures. We’re sorry you can’t use Nook Miles to pay for this.

Free shipping for Prime members.

Our pals at Ella Paradis are having a huge clearance sale. Lots of new goodies and toys are coming for spring, so it’s time to make room. Get up to 60% off over 100 items. Just use the code LOVE at checkout and watch the price get slashed.

The Cold, Lonely Winter bundle sounds so bleak, but actually, it’s got a few fun treats for solo nights. This little pack of pleasure has Better Love’s best selling Battery Operated Boyfriend. This pint-sized B.O.B. has seven vibe patterns at three different speeds. The Candy Crush Kegel toy helps keep your lady cave healthy and happy for you and visitors. The colorful bath bombs have twelve in the pack and smell amazing, just like wildflowers. I’ve used these, and I adored how my skin is still lightly scented after a warm soak. And, of course, a microbial satin travel bag is included to keep these safe and sound. All this is valued at $100, so this is a delightful deal.

Disney still has a few things they’d like to clear out before the spring items roll in. For the rest of the day, almost four hundred pieces are up to 40% off. Hoodies, figures, cups, pins, and more are deeply discounted to make way for new products. This sale ends tonight, and no code is needed.

The leader of the house of mouse has never looked better. This colorful and adorable seven-inch figure by Jerrod Maruyama was designed just for the WonderGround Gallery. If you can’t get to one of the Disney Parks just yet, bring the Magic Kingdom to your own home. This vinyl figure is a bold collector’s item and 50% off what it first sold for.

This is one of my favorite tumblers in my collection. Grogu, aka The Child, is so cute and on this petite cup. Yes, it is for an actual child, but the ‘protect, attack, snack’ machine of the galaxy was too hard to pass up. Sip your favorite beverage out of this double-wall tumbler while rewatching The Mandalorian. The lid stays on tight, and it’s designed so you won’t lose the matching bright green straw. Take 40% off while you enjoy the future Jedi legend.

Retro Marvel shirts are where it’s at. This one features thirteen of the best heroes on a soft cotton ringer tee. I’m always glad to see when they include vintage Black Widow amongst the usual boys. It’s screen printed, jersey knit, and proudly declares, “Make Mine Marvel!” This is a steal at 60% off its original price.

Free shipping on orders over $75 with the code SHIPMAGIC.

If you spend $90, you’ll be able to get 20% off your entire order at Eastbay with the code DOWRK. Some contenders, if you do decide to peruse, would be the Nike Kyrie Low 3, a decent pair of sneakers that gives you comfort and a statement, a Nike Dry-Fit hoodie perfect to go on a wintertime run, and a Nike Duffel to hold everything in.

Ball is life. Grab these before they’re gone!

JACHS really is the site that keeps on giving. Their massive winter sale covers everything in their store and has items as deeply discounted as 85% off. As they continue to clean out their stock to make room for new styles, now is the time to benefit. Take advantage of these huge price slashes while supplies last. There are even pieces as low as $12.

I’m actually a fan of their crewneck sweatshirts and can say they are super cozy. Buying two is a good idea because you might have a significant other who will steal yours— It’s me, and I stole my boyfriend’s. They’re also 61% off, so hard to pass up.

Puffer Jackets are also included in this winter deal. Ride the chilly months out in style and save 81% while doing so. These jackets are warm, durable, and look dang good.

Welcome the new year with some new pants. Grab a pair of their trendy Fit Stretch Tech line for just $39. There are six options currently available in various colors, so you’re sure to find one that vibes with your style. You deserve to enter 2021 as cool and chic as possible.

Free shipping on orders over $100 and, as always, free returns if something just doesn’t fit right.

If you’re stressed the hell out and hold it within your body, maybe you should check out the Miko Ugo portable flexible heat massager. Only $79 over at MorningSave, it has three massage settings to give your back the deep rub it’s been waiting for. It also includes heat and easily adjustable massage nodes to make you time a little bit more luxurious. What are you waiting for?

Some good boys are in the White House now. They’re making history too. Major will be the first shelter dog to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Pets in the President’s home have a long and storied history. If you’re like me, you’re excited to see the adventures the First Dogs will get up to just as Bo, Buddy, Millie, Checkers, and Fala did before them. Joy McCullough’s brand new storybook gives a little background to the presidential puppers and imagines what life will be like for them in our country’s famous home. Sheyda Abvabi Best beautifully illustrates each page, capturing not only the likeness but personality of the Biden’s loyal duo. Grab 10% off Champ and Major: First Dogs ($7 off for the Kindle) right now. This is a wonderful gift for dog lovers young and old.

This will ship free for Prime members.

This Vison series is one of the best Marvel’s come out with in years, and it remains a personal favorite of mine—not just because my pal Michael Walsh is an artist on it. Vision: The Complete Series is the perfect pairing with the new Disney Plus show WandaVision. While it doesn’t exactly follow the same plot, it does provide some much-needed insight into Vision’s backstory. Now 30% off, this paperback compilation includes twelve complete issues of the series. And if you want it all digital, you can save 78% through Kindle or ComiXology.

This graphic novel is written by the uber-talented Tom King, and it even won the Eisner for Best Limited Series in 2017. Through the twelve issues, you’ll follow Vision as he pursues a normal life for himself despite being, you know, a robotic death machine designed by Ultron to slay the Avengers. To do this, he winds up building a family as extraordinary as himself, discovering along the way that normalcy is just out of reach. The dialogue is brilliant, as is the case with most of King’s works, intimately putting Vision’s family bond on full display. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a superhero comic if it didn’t all come to an epic and heartbreaking crossroad. All in all, it’s a really fun read if you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the multifaceted Victor Shade.




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Look, we should all be staying home and staying put for the next several weeks. You know it, I know it— and Best Buy knows it too. This 55-inch TCL LED 4K smart Android TV is down to only $320 so you can snuggle up on the couch with all your favorite shows, movies, or your console of choice for less right now.

Since it’s a smart TV, it has built-in access to Netflix and Hulu all the other popular streaming options. Grab it while it’s $80 off!

Illustration for article titled Sundays Best Deals: Vizio 50-inch 4K Smart TV, Ring Light Webcam, I Dew Care K-Beauty Products, Mophie Power Banks, Flexispot Gaming Desk, and More

Graphic: Jordan McMahon

If you’re not too keen on working from a laptop, a decent desktop PC can offer all the power you need to get through a solid day of work without hitting laptop prices. Right now, you can get Lenovo’s ThinkCentre M75q Gen 2 for $481 off using the code THINKDESK45, bringing the price down to $588.

For your money, you’ll get a six-core AMD Ryzen processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD in a tiny package that won’t take up too much space on your desk, but you’ll still need to snag a monitor if you haven’t already.

Bring home the convenience of wireless charging at a bargain price thanks to this discounted two-pack of Yootech wireless charging stands. They’ll charge any Qi-compatible phones, including recent iPhones and top Androids from Samsung, Google, and more at a max speed of 10W. Better yet, they’ll do it while keeping your phone screen upright and visible, which is ideal when charging while working at your desk.

Yootech’s chargers are very well-reviewed on Amazon, with a 4.6-star rating from 15,500+ customer appraisals, and right now you can snag a two-pack of these wireless charging stands for just $22 when you clip the coupon on the page. They come with the USB A-to-C cables, but not the power bricks—but you may already have some of those kicking around.

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