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Salt is an vital nutrient. Our body necessitates a little sum of sodium every working day in get to sustain the appropriate fluid harmony, as very well as maintain our nerves and muscle mass performing properly. Above the system of human background, we have commonly experienced a tough time finding enough salt, for which cravings have been practical, as a way of making certain we get ample.

Nevertheless, whilst the suggested each day ingestion is 2,300 mg of sodium for every day, most of us are acquiring a lot more than that, principally thanks to processed foods. When something as innocent as a slice of bread or bowl of breakfast cereal can incorporate up to 200 mg of sodium, this provides up speedy.

Whilst experiencing salty food items is definitely normal, there are times when our cravings may perhaps be a indication that one thing else is heading on. If you uncover oneself craving salty foodstuff or reaching for the salt shaker more often than usual, here are a several points that could be driving your cravings.


A person of the key functions of salt is to retain a correct fluid stability. When we have also substantially water in our system, our kidneys will get rid of it as a result of urine, even though if we don’t have enough water in our bodies, these types of as when we are dehydrated, then our kidneys will hang on to the water in our by bodies by lowering the volume that is excreted.

Sodium, which is a solute, assists our human body dangle on to additional h2o. If we are dehydrated, our overall body needs to hold on to as much h2o as it can, for which it needs a lot more salt. Other signs of dehydration involve dizziness, problems, muscle cramping, feeling very thirsty, and chilly, clammy pores and skin.

Electrolyte imbalance 

Salt is an electrolyte, with the function of helping keep the appropriate sum of fluid in our overall body. If this harmony receives disrupted, resulting in a reduced-than-normal concentration of sodium in our bodies, It will cause us to commence craving salt.

Indicators of an electrolyte imbalance consist of headache, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, confusion, and/or irritability. In severe instances, it can even induce seizures.

You’ve been sweating a whole lot 

This is joined to salt cravings triggered by dehydration or an electrolyte imbalance. If you have been performing out more tough, which is producing you to sweat seriously, you’ve been dropping electrolytes—which includes sodium—along with all of that perspiration.

On common, we get rid of about 500 mg of sodium for every pound of sweat, while that variety ranges commonly from particular person to particular person. For someone shelling out half an hour at the gym or heading for a sluggish stroll all around the community, this will not make too a lot of a difference. If you are performing extended, extreme routines that are leading to you to sweat profusely, nevertheless, it can make a variance, primarily if you are a significantly salty sweater. (If you frequently have white salt stains on your exercise session clothing, which is a hint you may be sweating out more salt than the typical individual.)

To get a perception of how considerably sweat you are shedding, weigh your self before and following your exercise.

Addison’s illness 

Addison’s illness is brought about by our system not earning ample hormones. It can establish as a result of an autoimmune disorder, tuberculosis, specified fungal or bacterial bacterial infections, complications with the pituitary gland, or if you not too long ago stopped getting long-phrase steroid medicines.

A single role of these hormones is to control our blood stress. If this comes about, our blood tension can drop, which prompts us to crave salt as a way of correcting it. Addison’s disease can be quite significant, so if in addition to craving salt, you’ve also been dealing with indications such as dizziness, tiredness, excess weight reduction, weak spot, problems, nausea and/or head aches, you will want to see a medical professional.


When we are stressed, we are likely to crave consolation foods. For a lot of of us, that signifies salty food items, no matter if it is chips, fries, or a large slice of hot, greasy pizza. There’s also some proof that implies our bodies release a lot less cortisol when our sodium amounts are bigger, so that may also be your body’s way of hoping to cope.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) 

In addition to the temper swings, bloating, constipation, and other pleasurable components about PMS, food items cravings can also be a symptom. For a lot of of us, that usually means salty foods.

Being pregnant 

If you’ve been suffering from a great deal of early morning (or all-working day) illness through the class of your being pregnant, all of that vomiting can guide to dehydration. As a compensatory mechanism, your body may possibly start out craving salt to right that harmony. Then there are the foods cravings, which for numerous of us indicates salty food items.

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