Why Are People Mad About AOC Tax The Rich Sweatshirt?

It’s Thursday afternoon, so of system, conservatives are mad at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Currently, Fox News host Sean Hannity, Fox News contributor Sara Carter, and yes, Fox Information contributor Lisa Boothe, among the other individuals, took to Twitter to call out the congresswoman for promoting (and advertising) a new line of campaign merch. In the assortment, together with a Green New Offer “dad hat” and a T-shirt that states, “Drink Water & Don’t Be Racist,” is a $58 crewneck sweatshirt with the phrase “Tax The Rich” prepared across the front. “Still laughing about AOC selling ridiculously pricey swag that suggests ‘Tax the wealthy,’” Boothe tweeted. Carter adopted go well with, writing: “@AOC offering $65 ‘Tax The Rich’ sweatshirt. No, this is not @TheBabylonBee.” The Babylon Bee, a conservative and Christian information satire web-site, even joined in with a tweet of its have: “AOC Now Advertising ‘Tax The Rich’ Caviar For Just $10,000 A Can.” Missing in each Booth and Carter’s tweets — as effectively as the stick to-up stories Carter and Hannity wrote — was any true engagement with or rationalization about why Ocasio-Cortez’s merch expenses the sum it does.

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