Why Luxury Fashion Should Embrace Resale & Consignment

On the other finish, there are makes partnering with resale web pages to get rid of excessive product. In July, sustainable fashion manufacturer Mara Hoffman teamed with The RealReal for an archive sale as a way to stay afloat in the midst of the pandemic and launch stock. But even prior to this, Hoffman expressed support for customers who acquire her clothing secondhand. “A garment’s daily life should not conclusion immediately after a person person is done with it. You can design and style typical, large-excellent pieces, but people’s tastes will however improve. It is not practical to assume that another person will maintain a piece in their closest eternally. Resale platforms give garments a prospect to stay yet another life, maintaining them in the circular planet and out of landfills for as very long as probable,” says Hoffman. With that in mind, the designer just launched Entire Circle Market, an in-residence resale system that buys and sells pre-owned Mara Hoffman clothes. “As a manufacturer, we are committed to advertising the longevity of our garments,” says Hoffman. “The hope is that our purchaser will use their Mara Hoffman piece for as prolonged as achievable, and the moment they truly feel like they want to allow it go, give it a possibility at a different lifestyle.”

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