Why Wearing Three Bags Is Better Than Double Bag Trend

Strewn all-around the necks, chests, and wrists of Ulla Johnson’s product lineup ended up oversized bucket bags and woven crossbodies, as well as sunglass instances attached to necklace-like straps, water bottle bags, and tiny coin purses designed to latch right onto belt loops. Hunting at the bounty of baggage introduced at Ulla Johnson’s clearly show, we couldn’t support but marvel why we so usually resign ourselves to utilizing a single significant carryall — or, if we’re feeling stylish, just one tiny decorative bag and another canvas tote for all the necessary spillover. Right after all, consider about how significantly we would save on chiropractor appointments if we weren’t continuously lopsided from lugging all-around 1 20-pound shoulder bag each and every single working day. 

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